Abingdon Health believes that NALFIA tests (nucleic acid lateral flow immunoassays) are the perfect solution for laboratories when it comes to detecting the successful amplification of target DNA sequences. Hence, why we have two NALFIA tests (nucleic acid lateral flow immunoassays) on our portfolio, PCRD and PCRD FLEX.

We introduced our first NALFIA test, PCRD, a few years ago, and subsequently PCRD FLEX in January 2019, because we wanted to make available a simple solution for laboratories during DNA amplification that would otherwise require the use of costly equipment and extensive hands-on time.

In this blog, we will provide an overview of why incorporating the use of NALFIA tests into routine DNA amplification will help your lab.

You will be surprised how much NALFIA tests will help your lab

  • Time-saving
  • Cost benefits
  • Easy to include in procedures

Results in minutes

PCRD and PCRD FLEX were introduced to provide laboratories with an alternative to using DNA agarose gel electrophoresis as a means of detecting nucleic acid following DNA amplification. The intuitive simple user steps provided with rapid lateral flow technology means that results can be provided in around 10 minutes, which is quicker than producing results via DNA agarose gel electrophoresis which takes over an hour.

No requirement for expensive equipment

DNA agarose gel electrophoresis involves the use of specialist equipment and the use of intercalating dye and UV light. This equipment can be expensive considering there are multiple parts and a requirement to replenish gels etc, which starts to add up. But, when you consider NALFIA tests, in the case of PCRD and PCRD Flex, cost from between £2.12 and £2.90 per test, you will have run 100s of tests before matching the cost of the initial outlay for the equipment associated with DNA agarose gel electrophoresis.

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User guidelines for operating PCRD and PCRD FLEX NALFIA testsMinimal training required

So you have a tool that can detect the presence of nucleic acid in minutes and you’ve removed the requirement to buy expensive equipment, so far so good! But, is there a need to spend lots of time training someone on how to use nucleic acid lateral flow immunoassays? The straight answer is, no.

You and your colleagues already know how DNA amplification works, whether you use PCR or RPA, for example, so that aspect is in place; and this is all that is required to operate NALFIA tests, as well as of course reading the instruction manual! As long as your primers are modified accordingly the following simple steps are required to confirm the presence of nucleic acid using lateral flow immunoassays.

  • Complete DNA amplification
  • Add the amplification product to an extraction buffer provided
  • Apply the mixed solution to the NALFIA test
  • Wait for the results to appear after the allotted time.

Who use NALFIA tests?

For many years our NALFIA test has been in a number of industries and in an article, we highlighted how lateral flow technology is used for rapid nucleic acid detection.

Learn more about PCRD and PCRD FLEX

Both PCRD and PCRD FLEX are available for purchase directly from Abingdon Health by emailing info@abingdonhealth.com or calling +44 (0) 1904 406082. Alternatively, purchases can be made online through Abingdon Health’s e-commerce website www.pocketdiagnostic.com.

Download our brochure to learn more PCRD and PCRD FLEX.



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