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Understand mHealth regulations and be a leader in this area

mHealth will soon be the norm for diagnosis and patient monitoring. Get a tight hold on regulations and drive your product’s growth.

Accurate nucleic acid detection in minutes

See how intuitive lateral flow technology streamlines nucleic acid detection post DNA amplification

VIDEO: A future proof rapid diagnostic solution

AppDx: Improving lateral flow rapid test performance by combining rapid results delivery with flexible data management.

Expertise to support your ambition

Lateral flow manufacturing expertise to accelerate your assay strategy and growth plans

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January 21, 2020

Abingdon Health confirms expansion

Company News

January 13, 2020

Abingdon Health to support St Mary’s and Sands in 2020

RT @4allofusclub: #Sepsis conversation on @BBCRadio4 Weds, followed by #AMR conversation yesterday, both insightful, but both failed to men…

Your choice of #lateralflow assay manufacturer can influence your ability to meet future demand, contribute to your brand success and increase your value through market share and profitability. See how switching manufacturer could transform your business.…