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AbC-19 Rapid Test White Paper

Learn more about the science behind AbC-19™, a COVID-19 rapid test for detecting neutralising antibodies.

£1M funding for the development of a quantitative lateral flow Smartphone Reader

Innovate UK has released £1M to fund a further next generation development of Abingdon Health’s lateral-flow rapid test readout technology; AppDx®.

Overcoming decentralised molecular testing barriers with lateral flow

Abingdon Health spoke with a leading virologist about why nucleic acid lateral flow assays are vital for deploying decentralised molecular tests.

Several career opportunities for immediate start

Abingdon Health is mobilising its rapid test operations in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and recruiting in several areas. Learn more.

Supporting your products’ growth with consistency and efficiency

Learn how our multi-disciplinary approach and precision manufacturing assures security of supply for the most complex of assays and markets

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September 17, 2020

£1M funding for the development of a quantitative lateral flow Smartphone Reader

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July 30, 2020

UK COVID-19 rapid antibody tests approved for professional use

Supporting #lateralflow manufacturing through transfer and scale-up, high-volume automated manufacture and in-house regulatory and compliance expertise. Download the brochure for full access to your lateral flow manufacturing options:

Lockdowns will see spike in demand for COVID-19 antibody testing. From a finger prick to results in just 20 minutes, the AbC-19 antibody test provides frequent and reliable rapid testing. 👉Learn about the science behind AbC-19: