Improving life by making rapid results accessible to all

We believe diagnostics is increasingly moving away from laboratory methods towards point of care testing in support of faster decision-making and results delivery for all.

To meet this end, Abingdon Health offers high quality lateral flow rapid test development and manufacturing services. We work with global clients across all industries such as healthcare and animal health. We can take tests from concept through to routine lateral flow test manufacture or transfer-in standard operating procedures and scale-up production quickly and accurately.

Abingdon Health is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and works under IVDD 98/79/EC and in accordance with IVDR 2017/746 and GMP 21CFR820.  In addition, our facilities have medical device establishment registration with the FDA and MHRA.

  • Lateral Flow Manufacturing

    Lateral Flow Test Manufacturing

    Abingdon Health’s state of the art rapid test manufacturing service is available to our internal assay development customers or clients looking to transfer their lateral flow test from third-party developers or manufacturers. Established supply chains and advanced high-volume flexible manufacturing processes are tailored to assay specifications and market demand of all sizes.

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  • Lateral Flow Development

    Lateral Flow Test Development

    Our assay development processes are designed with scale-up and manufacturing being a major consideration from the outset of any project. A multi-disciplinary team and a partnership-led approach alongside a focus on operational excellence, produces reliable rapid tests irrespective of their complexity.

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  • Nucleic Acid Lateral Flow Customisation

    Nucleic Acid Lateral Flow Test Customisation

    Abingdon Health’s assay development experience combined with a flexible manufacturing capacity means single or multiple target nucleic acid lateral flow tests can be produced to specific specifications and volumes. We are delighted to be supporting decentralised molecular testing with the provision of straightforward nucleic acid companion diagnostics.

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  • Plant Health
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  • Environment
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