We are committed to ensuring as many industries have access to and gain from the multiple benefits of lateral flow rapid tests. In addition, our long-term partnerships across multiple sectors positively contributes to the One Health movement.

Our Services:

Lateral Flow Assay Development

Lateral Flow Scale Up and Technical Transfer

Lateral Flow Manufacturing 


Ageing population, a higher prevalence of infectious diseases and rising demand for home and patient-led healthcare is driving the increased use lateral flow rapid tests in clinical diagnostics. Abingdon Health proudly uses its lateral flow manufacturing know-how and regulatory expertise to accelerate access to rapid testing and companion diagnostics


Animal Health

Early detection and fast management and monitoring of animal diseases facilitates the safe trade in livestock along the food chain, in addition to improving health outcomes for companion animals. We are pleased to support animal health by helping increase access to point of care rapid testing.


Plant Health

Using in-field rapid tests aids growers in detecting pathogens in minutes helping arboriculturists and horticulturists make quick plant health management decisions. We are proud to play a role in the production of quality food and help maintain yield through our rapid test development and manufacturing expertise.



Deploying easy-to-use, accurate ‘in-the-field’ rapid tests at borders and across the supply chain helps to ensure a fast response to biothreats or harmful contamination of water supplies or food supply chains. We are proud to support all life and is why we maintain excellence in lateral flow development and manufacture.



Protecting the ecosystem is important for supporting the health of humans, animals, and plants alike. The ability to test for contamination and toxins at the source, and get results quickly, supports the fast response to potential negative environmental impacts. Developing and manufacturing lateral flow tests for this purpose is something we are keen to maintain.



Using a near-patient lateral flow test to assess a patient’s response to a medicine, vaccine or a clinical trial offers many benefits: faster response marker detection to speed up clinical trials or patient management or testing in the home or any location to help reduce waiting room bottlenecks, are two examples. This is exactly why Abingdon Health is dedicated to developing and manufacturing quality lateral flow rapid tests.



Lateral flow technology can be used on-site at various stages of the production process to enable cost-effective, real-time, fast and reliable detection of a broad range of pathogens, allergens and plant and animal matter in food. Lateral flow tests already play a pivotal role in ensuring food safety across many sectors of the food industry.

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