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Lateral flow assay and reader development and manufacture

Our lateral flow assay and reader contract services team has significant experience of working with customers across a range of sectors including healthcare, animal health and agriculture and food testing.

Based on our proven technology we offer our academic and commercial partners a complete integrated solution for the development and manufacturing of lateral flow products and reader systems.

Whether customers are looking to convert an ELISA assay into LFD, or are looking to apply a fully validated reagent to LFD, Abingdon Health uses a comprehensive step-by-step approach to assay development. Accompanying this is our ability to combine lateral flow rapid tests with reader systems in order to provide fully quantitative assays.

We also offer customisable OEM reader solutions for lateral flow rapid testing using state-of-the-art technology taken from our CE marked and FDA registered touch screen reader, ADxLR5®.

Abingdon Health has ISO 13485:2003 (including EN ISO 13485:2012) and ISO 9001:2008 certification for the development and manufacture of lateral flow immunoassay diagnostics.

In addition, Abingdon Health’s manufacturing facilities are GMP compliant, with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), for the design, development and manufacture of LFD, and device readers for in vitro diagnostic medical use.

Visit our various lateral flow assay and reader contract services pages below to see how we can help with your development and manufacturing needs.


What is a lateral flow immunoassay?

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Lateral Flow Development

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Lateral Flow Manufacturing

Click to view our development and manufacturing capabilities for rapid lateral flow assays and reader systems.

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Has your assay successfully completed development? Is your assay already on the market? See how we can help.

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Lateral Flow Reader OEM

Choose from a range of customisation options using our CE marked and FDA registered touch-screen reader technology.

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Personalised approach to our customers

Our tailored approach, across all areas of development and manufacturing, means our clients can be certain of a quality service.

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The Industry Sectors We Work With

Our expertise lies in the development and manufacturing of rapid lateral flow assay and reader systems for multiple sectors.

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Quality Standards

Visit our Quality Standards page to learn more about our quality management certification and compliance.

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Case Study

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