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Near-patient testing solutions to complement the Pharmaceutical Industry

Patient response to a therapeutic or biosimilar is both a key indicator for analysing a drug’s suitability for market approval and for directing a patient’s therapy pathway. One such solution to assessing patient response is with the use of a complementary near-patient test, also known as a point-of-care (POC) test.

Why is near-patient testing important for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

To achieve patient-centric growth ambitions, therapeutics need to fill a gap in the market, or meet or exceed market expectations. Here is how near-patient testing can meet this requirement:

  • Differentiation for off-patent biosimilars and therapeutics
  • Home testing and point-of-care companion diagnostic approach for assessing patient response to therapy or to improve early diagnosis
  • Easy monitoring and reporting of drug adherence programs
  • Detection of drug activity biomarkers with a cost-effective and user-friendly approach
  • Aid clinical trial decentralisation and volunteer recruitment and retention with an intuitive mHealth testing strategy

Lateral flow technology can be:

  • Qualitative, semi-quantitative and fully-quantitative
  • Multiplexed: measuring more than one target
  • Portable, hand held and easily distributed
  • Laboratory based
  • Used in a physician’s office or primary care setting
  • Used in a pharmacy
  • Over the counter (OTC) or used for home testing

How does near-patient testing work?

Monitoring a patient’s response in order to direct a patient’s therapy pathway, or using a point-of-care approach to allow early diagnosis will inevitably create different testing scenarios and requirements, which can create pros and cons for both patient and clinician.

For example, there may be a requirement to monitor multiple drug activity markers, patients may need regular testing or a patient’s round trip to a clinic for routine testing could be lengthy and costly.

The following capabilities highlights how lateral flow technology can cope with various testing scenarios.

  • Lateral flow tests are compact and portable and therefore can be sent to any location
  • Tests can be configured to work with a variety of sample types and target biomarkers
  • Sample collection is simple with efficient, safe and innovative methods
  • Detection of single or multiple targets can be done on one test device
  • Test-integration with reader or Smartphone technology AppDx enables easy data capture and transfer from multiple locations

Abingdon Health: legal manufacturer with regulatory and commercial experience

Abingdon Health specialises in the development, manufacture and commercialisation of qualitative, semi- and fully-quantitative near-patient testing solutions.

As we have launched our own blood cancer test and already work with key global pharmaceutical companies, Abingdon Health’s experience offers companies a de-risked approach to introducing a near-patient testing solution for pharma.

Our services and assistance include:

  • End-to-end development and manufacture
  • Regulatory submissions and ability to adopt legal manufacturer responsibility for the products
  • Manage Commercialisation

Learn more

Download a copy of our brochure to see how Abingdon Health can aid the development of a near-patient testing solution to help your therapeutic or biosimilar standout from the crowd.

Topics covered in the brochure include:

  • examples of complementary near-testing scenarios
  • the development and manufacturing process
  • regulatory assistance
  • commercialisation solutions

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