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AppDx: Technology that transforms a Smartphone into a portable rapid lateral flow reader

Integrate your lateral flow test with the AppDx, a Smartphone lateral flow reader technology that utilises an intuitive user interface. The AppDx connects with a safe and secure cloud, via mobile data network or Wi-Fi, to offer a comprehensive rapid analytical lateral flow testing solution.

AppDx Smartphone lateral flow reader customised to your assay needs

The AppDx Smartphone lateral flow reader features flexible, customisable mobile assay technology and has been engineered with the end-user in mind. Our proprietary algorithm ensures accurate results while our customisable workflow allows the app to be specified for your particular testing solution.

AppDx can be configured with existing lateral flow assay formats or incorporated into new lateral flow assay development projects.


App for lateral flow assay reader customisation

The benefits of AppDx

Mobile testing solution
  • Capture data with easy-access technology in any testing location and a variety of scenarios
Connect multiple stakeholders
  • Provide rapid results in real-time, saving time and reducing result reporting delays
  • Records users, test locations, results, time and date of testing
Compatible with Android and Apple platforms
  • The proprietary technology is configured with Android and Apple platforms without the need for separate development projects
Configure with existing lateral flow assays
  • Co-development of the app during assay development; saving time and money
Rapid, shareable data
  • Enables easy and cost-effective sharing of data
  • Cloud can be accessed by multiple employees or integrated with online information sharing platforms
Minimal operator training required
  • Save time for end-user operator training owing to the utilisation of customisable and intuitive work-flows, with inbuilt user guides
  • Easy to download and install App

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