If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering outsourced lateral flow manufacturing and fall into one of these categories?

  • In-house manufacturing is non-core, costly and time-consuming
  • You’re reaching a decision-point of whether to invest in increasing your in-house capacity
  • You outsource to a manufacturer with limited capacity and/or resources
  • Your outsourced manufacturer can’t help you reach new territories

In-house manufacturing may not be a core activity within your operations. Because of this it may take up significant revenue or space that could be better utilised. This cost opportunity is often overlooked.

Increasing your in-house manufacturing capacity through investment in new capital equipment is expensive and may not be the best use of this capital. Your current process may not be efficient and may be impacting your profit margins.

Waiting for your current partner to increase capacity and/or resources in order to meet demand or reach new territories will also take time, and possibly hinder growth opportunities. In addition, this exercise is probably out of your control.

De-risking your lateral flow production through outsourcing

Control of your own destiny is important so the first step needs to be switching to a lateral flow manufacturer with capabilities, resources and expertise already in place. Don’t be discouraged about having to do this, a good manufacturer can manage this under an established change control process in a time-efficient manner.

An outsourced lateral flow manufacturer:

  • should allow access to an automated solution so you benefit from their investment in an efficient process.
  • should provide regulatory, commercial and logistics support. For example, they are your eyes and ears in the regulatory market to ensure your product meets current and future requirements.
  • has a strong supply chain with access to a range of components and materials. This capability can be invaluable in managing product change, for example if a particular component is discontinued. An example of where this capability is applicable relates to usage changes of octylphenol ethoxylates.

Working with a well-established lateral flow test contract manufacturer with manufacturing, regulatory and commercial expertise means you don’t have to consider Capital Expenditure, additional in-house labour costs, or miss growth or profit opportunities. Therefore, whether you need to move away from in-house manufacturing or change partner, focus can remain on meeting your business’ and customers’ needs.

Take the first step

Helping companies deliver robust rapid tests to market is something Abingdon Health is very proud of. If you would like to investigate outsourcing options with a partner who is more than just a lateral flow manufacturer, please contact Abingdon Health. Alternatively, download our lateral flow manufacturing outsourcing guide below.