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Abingdon Health develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical diagnostics for clinics and laboratories worldwide to enable rapid, accurate, and low-cost diagnosis.

Our initial development focus is in the field of haematology oncology and specifically in the area of B-Cell dyscrasias. Our first rapid testing product in this market is Seralite® – FLC, the world’s first rapid device for aiding the diagnosis and monitoring of multiple myeloma patients.

Seralite® – FLC Serum

Rapid test for the quantitative measurement of free light chains (FLCs) in diagnosis and monitoring of multiple myeloma.

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Seralite® – FLC Urine

  A rapid test for the quantitative measurement of kappa (K) and […]

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Seralite® – FLC ELISA

Accurate measurement of both kappa and lambda free light chains (FLCs) across a diverse range of patient cohorts.

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Clinical Utility

Clinicians are able to better understand disease status and can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

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Technical Support

Contact us for sales assistance, technical support and further product information.

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