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As part of Abingdon Health’s rebranding exercise Molecular Vision’s website has now been fully incorporated into the new Abingdon Health website,

When searching for Molecular Vision’s assay reader design and development service and its patented disposable point-of-care diagnostic BioLED™ technology, which combines low-cost Organic Light Emitting diodes (OLEDs) and Organic Photodetectors (OPDs), customers will be automatically redirected to Abingdon Health’s Multiplexed Rapid Diagnostics section.

The new website allows customers the benefit of viewing all Abingdon Health’s products and services on one website.

The redirection of Molecular Vision’s website to is the latest phase in the integration of the Abingdon Health group of companies. 2015 will see the completion of this project with all group companies being fully incorporated and with the simultaneous launch of the new e-commerce facility.

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