The scientific journal CCLM has published a special edition dedicated to free light chain (FLC) analysis and electrophoresis. The special edition contains over 25 articles written by Global Key Opinion Leaders.

In this edition one of the articles is specifically dedicated to monoclonal FLC assays and the method of Seralite®-FLC is described. Campbell et al.1 state:
“Using highly-specific and extensively validated anti-kappa and anti-lambda mAbs, Seralite®-FLC is designed to accelerate clinical decision-making and is the first available FLC immunoassay to use a competitive inhibition format to prevent against antigen-excess. Generation of rapid FLC results may empower clinicians to establish disease status and make informed treatment decisions more quickly and efficiently.”

“FLC measurements play a pivotal role in the screening, monitoring and prediction of progression of the disease for patients with plasma cell dyscrasias. The great number of publications on FLC measurements demonstrated that patient management greatly benefits from the use of FLC assays. The introduction of the monoclonal-based FLC assays has opened new perspectives for the clinical laboratory and allows rapid testing in the clinic“

The inclusion of Seralite®-FLC within this special edition highlights the importance of the availability and the increasing acceptance of a rapid FLC test to all clinical laboratories. Full access to this article can be obtained via the link (this page is no longer live)

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