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Abingdon Health stock a range of well-documented, purified mouse monoclonal antibodies with specificity for:

  • human immunoglobulins (IgG, IgM, IgA and IgD)
  • human immunoglobulin subclasses (IgG and IgA)
  • human light chains kappa and lambda
  • germline heavy chain variable region genes

A number of the IgG subclass antibodies have been extensively evaluated in a World Health Organisation (WHO) collaborative study.

Our monoclonal antibodies are supplied purified at 1mg/mL concentration, in 0.2mL and 1mL aliquots, containing a preservative. If you require a different specification, larger volumes, or require conjugation to a specific label, please contact us for further information or request a quote.

Please note, these antibodies are for research use only, and are not intended for diagnostic, therapeutic or in vivo use.

Lateral flow assay reagents

In addition, Abingdon Health has secured an extensive list of assay reagents, which are available exclusively to customers wishing to develop and manufacture LFD’s with Abingdon Health. Visit our lateral flow assay reagents page for more information.

If you require custom synthesis of monoclonal antibodies please contact us to find out about what we can provide.

Monoclonal Antibody Products

Monoclonal Antibodies

The following monoclonal antibodies are available to order from Abingdon Health.

Antibody product information and safety data sheets can be obtained by contacting a member of our team on +44 (0) 1904 406082 or at   

Specificity Epitope Clone Alternative Nomenclature Isotype Price per Unit Quantity Product Number
IgG CH1 ZB8 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SG100100
£639 1mg SG100101
IgG CH2 8a4 HP6064 IgG1 £227 0.2mg BG100100
£639 1mg BG100101
IgG CH2 MK1A6 IgG1 £227 0.2mg BG100200
£639 1mg BG100201
IgG CH2 R10Z8E9 IgG1 £227 0.2mg BG100300
£639 1mg BG100301
IgG CH2 G7c IgG1 £227 0.2mg SG100200
£639 1mg SG100201
IgG CH3 A57H IgM £227 0.2mg BG100400
£639 1mg BG100401
IgG CH2/CH3 WC2 IgG non IgG3 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SG100300
£639 1mg SG100301
IgG CH3 X3a8 IgG non IgG4 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SG100400
£639 1mg SG100401
IgG1 m(f) CH1 TM 14 HP 6027 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SG100500
£639 1mg SG100501
IgG1 CH2 JL 512 HP 6007 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SG100600
£639 1mg SG100601
IgG1 CH2 NL 16 HP6012 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SG100700
£639 1mg SG100701
IgG1 CH2 HP6001 IgG2b £227 0.2mg UG100100
£639 1mg UG100101
IgG1 CH2 8c/6-39 HP6091 IgG2a £227 0.2mg UG100200
£639 1mg UG100201
IgG2 CH1 HP6014 IgG1 £227 0.2mg UG100300
£639 1mg UG100301
IgG2 CH2 GOM1 HP6008 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SG100800
£639 1mg SG100801
IgG2 CH2 GOM 2 HP6009 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SG100900
£639 1mg SG100901
IgG2 Hinge HP6200 IgG1 £227 0.2mg UG100400
£639 1mg UG100401
IgG3 Hinge HP6047 IgG1 £227 0.2mg UG100500
£639 1mg UG100501
IgG3 Hinge HP6050 IgG1 £227 0.2mg UG100600
£639 1mg UG100601
IgG4 CH2 GB7B HP6013 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SG101000
£639 1mg SG101001
IgG4 CH3 RJ4 HP6011 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SG101100
£639 1mg SG101101
IgG4 CH3 HP6023 IgG3 £227 0.2mg UG100700
£639 1mg UG100701
IgG4 CH3 HP6025 IgG1 £227 0.2mg UG100800
£639 1mg UG100801
IgM Fc AF6 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SM100100
£639 1mg SM100101
IgM Fc BU1 IgG2a £227 0.2mg SM100200
£639 1mg SM100201
IgM Fc Z5H9 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SM100300
£639 1mg SM100301
IgA Fc 2D7 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SA100100
£639 1mg SA100101
IgA1 Fc N1F2 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SA100200
£639 1mg SA100201
IgA2 Fc 2E2 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SA100300
£639 1mg SA100301
IgD Fc LE2 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SD100100
£639 1mg SD100101
IgD Fc JA11 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SD100200
£639 1mg SD100201
Heavy Chain CH1 VHIII – 30 R11Z4D12 D12 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SHC100100
£639 1mg SHC100101
Heavy Chain CH1 VHIII-30 R11Z7B6 B6 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SHC100200
£639 1mg SHC100201
Heavy Chain CH1 VH1-69 R6Z2G8 G8 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SHC100300
£639 1mg SHC100301
Heavy Chain CH1 VH1 R6Z4G6 G6 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SHC100400
£639 1mg SHC100401
Lambda Light Chain Bound and Free C4 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SLLC100100
£639 1mg SLLC100101
Lambda Light Chain Bound and Free 312H IgG1 £227 0.2mg SLLC100200
£639 1mg SLLC100201
Kappa Light Chain Bound and Free 72/2C10 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SKLC100100
£639 1mg SKLC100101
Kappa Light Chain Bound and Free FC3 IgG2b £227 0.2mg SKLC100200
£639 1mg SKLC100201
Kappa Light Chain Bound and Free 6 E1 IgG1 £227 0.2mg SKLC100400
£639 1mg SKLC100401
Kappa Light Chain Bound and Free Z1F3 IgG2a £227 0.2mg SKLC100500
£639 1mg SKLC100501

Ordering Monoclonal Antibodies

Ordering Monoclonal Antibodies

Our antibodies can be purchased by contacting Abingdon Health directly. The following ordering methods are available.


We have the ability to take credit/debit card payments over the phone. To order by phone please call +44 (0) 1904 406082.


For new customers and customers who prefer to order by bank transfer please send proforma requests, along with a company purchase order, to


Ordering on account with credit is only available to eligible customers. For information about account ordering eligibility please contact us on

Tel: +44 (0) 1904 406080