• PCRD and PCRD FLEX are nucleic acid lateral flow immunoassays (NALFIA) that work alongside isothermal amplification techniques
  • Easy to use and can produce results in minutes in any location
  • A perfect nucleic acid testing solution for decentralised, point of care molecular testing in infectious disease applications, such as COVID-19

How to Use
Prices and Ordering

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Accelerate decentralised, point of care molecular testing

PCRD and PCRD FLEX provide high sensitivity with simple qualitative results and no reliance on large equipment, enabling easy nucleic acid detection while saving costs and time on training and deployment.

  • Ideal for the quick deployment of testing in response to a disease outbreak
  • Portable and compact, suitable for point of care molecular testing
  • Easily incorporated into routine protocols with minimal training
  • Helps increase access to testing and reduces the reliance on laboratories

How to Use

  • 1

    Step One

    Synthesise primers with the desired labels

  • 2

    Step Two

    Carry out amplification

  • 3

    Step Three

    Remove aliquot from reaction tube and dilute with buffer

  • 4

    Step Four

    Load on to PCRD nucleic acid test

  • 5

    Step Five

    Wait 10 minutes for results

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Compatible amplification methods

Applications and industries

Isothermal amplification e.g. LAMP or RPA Infectious diseases
RNA or DNA Detection Animal health
CRISPR Technology Food and beverage
Traditional PCR Environmental testing

Standard PCRD and PCRD FLEX

PCRD (Cassette) and PCRD FLEX (Dipstick) are standard nucleic acid lateral flow immunoassays that consist of 2 test lines and 1 control line and will detect amplicons labelled with DIG/Biotin and/or FITC (or FAM)/Biotin.

Try PCRD technology before ordering in large quantities or deciding on PCRD customisation.

Prices and Ordering

Code Product Format 1 to 9 boxes 10 boxes or more
FG-FD51673 PCRD (box of 50 tests) Cassette £146.75* £139.65*
FG-FD51676 PCRD FLEX (box of 50 tests) Dipstick £106.75* £100.50*

*Price per box.

Customisation of PCRD and PCRD FLEX

PCRD and PCRD FLEX lateral flow nucleic acid tests can be customised to meet your desired specification. Speak with our assay development specialists to learn more.