Seralite® – FLC Serum* is a rapid lateral flow test for the quantitative measurement of kappa (K) and lambda (λ) immunoglobulin free light chains (FLCs) in serum. The format of this rapid test enables a free light chain service to be offered in all clinical laboratories. This enables the provision of FLC results in ~10 minutes rather than days or weeks. With this simple to use, compact, rapid test, clinicians can monitor patients in “real time” supporting faster decision making.

Seralite® – FLC Serum utilises the CE marked ADxLR5® Reader System, where the results are presented on screen in mg/L along with the calculated K/λ ratio.


The assay utilises highly specific, anti-K and anti-λ monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). These monoclonal antibodies display no cross-reactivity to alternate free light chains, bound free chains or other selected human proteins.

The monoclonal antibodies have been comprehensively validated demonstrating that they detect FLCs secreted from both normal and neoplastic plasma cells and have a proven high degree of specificity and sensitivity11**. The assay has been validated using samples from a range of Multiple Myeloma patients at diagnosis, and those being assessed for treatment response and relapse, including Light Chain Multiple Myeloma and Non-Secretory Multiple Myeloma patients.

Seralite® – FLC Serum has proven to provide robust, accurate, and simultaneous measurement of K and λ free light chains in a number of different patient cohorts.

In addition to this Seralite®– FLC Serum has been shown to have:

  • No antigen excess
  • Excellent clinical concordance
  • Good batch-to-batch consistency
  • Wide dynamic range

*Not available for sale in the USA

**Please see Resources page for a full list of references.

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