Data is vital for diagnostics in all industries and supports rapid and personalised responses to diagnosis, as well as aid research. Abingdon Health is proud to be part of diagnostics-data-provision with its cutting-edge lateral flow mHealth software AppDx®.

AppDx® integrates with cameras and connectivity technology in Smartphones to create powerful, mobile lateral flow readers. In doing so capturing lab-quality rapid test results data that can be quickly and securely shared to data silos and connected stakeholders.


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Whether looking to create a new rapid test or extend the life of an existing assay, AppDx® offers the following:

  • Connect multiple stakeholders: Remote access and analysis of secure, shareable data for faster guidance
  • Reduce diagnosis times: Flexibility for when and where test data can be gathered
  • Relieve strain on workloads: Reduction in clinic or veterinary surgery visits and waiting room bottle necks, for example
  • Regulatory traceability: Record various data sets such as GPS locations, times, dates and results
  • Easy-to-use: Intuitive workflows supported by inbuilt user guides

Adaptable, lateral flow Smartphone reader technology

  • Calibration curves set to specific requirements
  • Alarmed read time notifications
  • Ability to read multiple test lines simultaneously
  • Bespoke user workflow and inbuilt guide to reduce user error
  • Bespoke reading parameters and results
  • Data transfer to desktop and integration to central data system
  • Deploy on Android or IOS or both
  • GPS mapping of results
  • Unique Identification of test
  • Multiple languages

Flexible support and maintenance solutions provide peace of mind and ensures your AppDx® platform remains up to date. Software solutions are compliant with international data security requirements and meets the demands of an ever-changing digital security landscape.

In addition, regulatory support from our team is the safety net our customers need for ensuring their lateral flow data solutions is compliant from launch and beyond.

Combine your lateral flow test with AppDx® Smartphone reader software and create a powerful data management solution for next-generation rapid diagnostics.


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