We believe diagnostics is increasingly moving away from laboratory methods in support of faster results delivery and decision-making. Abingdon Health is proud of the critical role we play in providing access to accurate, high quality rapid diagnostic tests across the UK and Europe.

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Lateral flow test manufacturer of choice for UK and Europe

Abingdon Health offers a full suite of services from rapid test development through to routine manufacture and regulatory support. We work with international partners from across all industries. Transferring your assay to our high volume manufacturing facility is made smooth by offering:

  • Dedicated project managers to lead accelerated and fast track technical transfer
  • Scheduling and deliverables specific to customer, assay, and market requirements
  • Calls and video conference meetings scheduled to all European time zones
  • A capacity to meet scalable volumes from multiple manufacturing sites
  • Ability to work alongside primary or in-house manufacturers to support your inventory management
  • Regulatory experience to support different market requirements
  • Flexible international logistics and shipping solutions

More about Abingdon Health

  • We help our UK and European customers achieve their commercial ambitions through a combination of:

    • Lateral flow know-how with a combined 150+ years of development and manufacturing experience
    • A capacity to meet scalable volumes from multiple manufacturing sites
    • A resilient infrastructure for all year round operation

    Whether you need a second manufacturer to enter new markets or have outgrown your current manufacturing solution, contact our team to see how we can help.

  • Aerial photo of Abingdon Health on the York Biotech Campus UK

    Abingdon Health is located across several UK sites. The company’s headquarters and primary manufacturing facility is situated on the York Biotech Campus in York, United Kingdom.

    Our facilities are certified to ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 and we work to GMP requirements.

    All sites are connected to international logistic hubs and have a dedicated logistics team.

    Visit our video pages to learn more about our facilities.