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The following videos provide an overview of our lateral flow assay and reader contract services. In addition, there are several insight videos by experts from Abingdon Health, as well as some from a multiple myeloma (a rare blood cancer) expert from the University of Birmingham.

Lateral flow development introduction

See how our assay development team can deliver your lateral flow assay to market on time and on budget.


Lateral flow assay reader customisation

Do you have a lateral flow assay that needs quantifying? Are you looking for a cost-effective solution for quantitative assay development?


Lateral flow tech transfer and scale-up

Outgrown your manufacturing capacity and need to scale-up? Need assay development & manufacturing from one provider?


Lateral flow manufacturing introduction

See how we can help you avoid lateral flow product headaches with our tried and trusted manufacturing approach.


Abingdon Health Nanos

Our experts discuss the different key elements required for successful lateral flow assay and reader development and manufacture.


Professor Mark Drayson’s review of Seralite® – FLC

In a series of videos, Prof. Mark Drayson discusses the capabilities of Seralite®- FLC when quantifying kappa and lambda free light chains.