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AppDx® uses cutting-edge software to transform a smartphone into a powerful lateral flow reader, combining rapid results delivery with flexible data management.

By utilising in-built smartphone functionality, AppDx® reads lateral flow tests and provides unambiguous lab-quality data for immediate viewing, or secure transfer to a clinic or data hub.

Access to accurate data with instantaneous results and delivery to a data portal, takes diagnostic testing and outcome management to a new level.

AppDx® can be customised with rapid tests that are ‘in-development’ or already on-the-market, without the need for assay format modifications or high development costs.

Once customised, access to AppDx® is simple. The inclusion of intuitive workflows and in-built visual instructions reduces the chance of user error. Pre-set data can be extracted from barcodes providing control over how your tests are read and preventing accidental misuse.

GPS tracking provides instant traceability and mapping of results. Access to relevant localised data from the web, such as humidity and temperature, can further inform the diagnosis.

Compliant data-security, and flexible support and maintenance, ensures your solution meets the demands of the ever-changing digital landscape.

AppDx® can be deployed across many industries and provides many benefits.

AppDx® improves rapid test performance and aids faster outcome management through the provision of accessible and rapid analytical data. Its accurate and adaptable software will make your rapid test an attractive proposition for years to come, and help to increase your market share.

Choose AppDx® and turn your rapid test into a powerful, future proof diagnostic solution.

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