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Abingdon Health offers mid- to high-volume automated lateral flow manufacturing to a global client base across multiple sectors (healthcare, pharmaceutical, animal health, environmental, agriculture and food testing).

Work with us if you are:

  • outgrowing your in-house manufacturing capacity and need to scale-up to larger batch sizes
  • looking for a second source manufacturing partner or looking to switch to a new partner
  • looking to improve transfer pricing by switching to a more automated solution
  • wanting to improve assay reproducibility by switching to more automated manufacturing methods
  • looking for a manufacturing partner with assay development skills that can improve performance or add a reader/Smartphone solution to extend the life of the assay
  • looking to take advantage of our regulatory and commercial services

Our promise

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Abingdon Health support our customers by offering a flexible and value for money service. We consistently produce devices that meet product specifications, market needs and stakeholder expectations.

Our approach to every manufacturing project

Our many years of experience manufacturing qualitative, semi- and fully-quantitative assays, has resulted in the establishment of tried-and-tested manufacturing methods, processes and procedures. We work to seamlessly transfer the product into our systems and we work with customers to address the following:

  • Batch sizes and manufacturing forecasts to meet market launch and on-going requirements
  • Explore and plan packaging and labelling solutions for regulated and non-regulated markets
  • Establish a timetable of manufacturing deliverables

Technical transfer and scale-up

Once design freeze is reached following lateral flow assay development, with us or another partner, the prototype transfers from Research and Development through to routine lateral flow test strip manufacturing by  following a tried and tested transfer and validation process.

This stage is important for validating and verifying the performance of the assay is unaffected through scale up, and for assessing an assay’s suitability for the rigours of routine high-volume automated manufacture.

Lateral Flow Manufacturing

We are able to offer a variety of lateral flow manufacturing capabilities including:

  • Contact and non-contact jets for dispensing
    Flexible approach to dispense in accordance with desired parameters
  • Reel-to-reel web handling system for reagent spraying
    Precision spraying to aid product accuracy and performance
  • Auto-laminator for assembly of membranes and other components
    Removes human error and aids robust reproducibility
  • Lateral flow manufacturing including final product packaging Lateral flow device packaging
    Aids product stability through desiccated packaging
  • Automated dispensing of buffers
    Ability to dispense multiple batches, quickly and accurately
  • Kit assembly and branded product packaging
    Multi-sector and regulatory experience with established processes

Case studies

To learn more about our lateral flow assay development capabilities, there are a number of Case Studies about some of the projects undertaken by Abingdon Health over the years.

Contact Us

We are an experienced contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) with customers across the UKEurope, USA and the rest of the world. To find out more about our lateral flow manufacturing services, please contact one of our colleagues on +44 (0) 1904 406080 or email with an outline of your requirements.

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